To All Our Appreciated Members


Nowadays the Touristic Industry is facing an unusual and unpleasant phenomenon in the Vacation Club projects.


Members are being contacted individually by Companies (with false names and addresses) which appearing object is to buy their memberships at special prices but in the end, this ends into fraudulent cases. 


Among the different ways, this companies operate to obtain some information regarding members one of the most common ones is known as Fishing.  People dedicate to surf on social media and other platforms where members post info about themselves, their clubs and their memberships. This way they know where to find you and contact you knowing that you possess a vacation club membership. In our end, we want to assure you that No agreement has been signed with any company to give your information individually or as a database. That´s why from our Legendary Members Database only 0.08% has been contacted by this companies, still, we are checking all our security protocols that protect our database.


In order to avoid having more of this cases, we encourage you to not reveal information about your membership in social media groups that are not the official ones (our official groups are closed and every member invited has been checked in our system before inviting them). If you get to be contacted by this companies we ask you to share this information with us through our official channels individually so we can advice you how to prevent,  detect and avoid a fraud that impacts negatively into your economy.


We are tracking and following up this cases but also joining other vacation club projects in order to make Touristic Associations and Authorities more aware of this situations. 


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this matter.



Legendary Preferred Destinations Club