Japan, Peru and United States ingredients result in fine dishes.


Maybe you’ve heard of Nobu, the most celebrated Japanese restaurant in the world. But what makes it so special? First of all we need to talk about Nobu Matsuhisa, the Celebrity Chef and Restauranteur behind the success.

Born in Saitama, Japan, Nobu started to work as a teenager at a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, where after seven years a Peruvian entrepreneur invited him to open a Japanese place at Peru.

At age 24 he moved to Lima, where he opened Matsuei, his first restaurant.  Being unable to find many Japanese ingredients, Nobu had to implement local flavors to his traditional Japanese dishes, creating a unique style and fusion that no one in the world had ever tasted. 

After several years of success, Nobu moved to Alaska and then in 1977 to Los Angeles, where he worked at two restaurants. Ten years later he decided to open his own place called Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills which soon after opening became very popular, bringing to his tables celebrities such as Robert De Niro, who became delighted by his dishes and decided to make business with him. 

That is how finally Nobu Restaurant is born at Tribeca, New York, becoming an immediate sensation. Now with this unique fusion between Japanese traditional food, Peruvian inspiration and local ingredients wherever the restaurant opens in the world, Nobu has come to delight people around the globe, opening at nearly 20 different countries that add up to nearly 31 restaurants and 1 hotel in Las Vegas and two more opening soon at Manila, Phillipines and Los Cabos, Mexico

So if you like Japanese cuisine and are curious about the signature dishes that this Celebrity Chef has invented you need to go to the nearest Nobu Restaurant.

For more information about its locations you can visit www.noburestaurants.com

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