Cenotes, Riviera Maya, we can define them as holes that are a result of the subterranean rivers. You can find cenotes mainly in the Yucatan Peninsula area, they have the shape of caverns or natural pools if you may look at them like that, but for ancestors they are a whole lot more. This beautiful destination was once underwater, taking millions of years to evolve into what it is today and leaving the cenotes as witness and playing an fundamental role for the Mayan culture, for they were a place where you could restock your water supply and they were used as stage for sacred rituals for rain, life, death, fertility and more. Because of their shape, Mayans thought cenotes to be gates to the world of the dead.

Visiting a cenote can be an experience that opens your spirit; just close your eyes and think about the nature surrounding them, the wildlife, the jungle & the mystic silence. Cenotes classify in 4 types: open sky – half open – cavern – ancient. According to the space they have, we can calculate their age. Along the Yucatan Peninsula & The Riviera Maya there are thousands of these geological formations and many more that we have may not discovered yet, this is called the cenote route with public access going through jungle & mangrove swamps; getting to a cenote is also an adventure on its own. cenote Las Mojarras, cenote Siete Bocas, cenote Chilam Balam or the cenote Verde Lucero are amongst the most remarkable to vist. Remember to visit ay lobby, our vacation planners desk where you can schedule a visit to these amazing and historic places and get immerse into their mystique.