Cancun is full of wonderful activities.


Although there are plenty of incredible activities at the destination, these are the Top 10 Most Legendary Things to do at Cancun.

1.- Stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

If you re traveling somewhere, the first thing to do is book the hotel, but not just any hotel, if what you want is to party everyday and rock and roll all night (did we get that right?), your place to stay is this! Guitars, music memorabilia and glam luxury, set an ambiance for unequaled fun.  A two bar ocean front pool, restaurants, rockstar suites, beach club and all sorts of entertaining options await you at these All-Inclusive Legendary hotel. 


2.- Take a ferry or a catamaran to Isla Mujeres

Like they say, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination”, well, in this case it is all about both things. Isla Mujeres is half an hour away from Cancun, and the only way to get there is by sea. So the first thing to do is choose between a ferry, a catamaran or even a yacht, whatever inspires you the most. 

Ferries depart form all mayor ports that stretch out throughout Cancun’s Hotel Zone and at Puerto Juarez, which is the nearest to the island. Our recommendation is to be the first in line to get a seat on the top level and enjoy the view and sea breeze. 

For catamarans and yachts there are plenty of owners that rent them for a certain number of hours or a full day, so you can sail towards Isla Mujeres, have a great time at the beach, snorkel, drive a golf cart, eat a delicious Tikinxic Fish, which is a popular recipe that all tourists must try, grab a drink or two at local bar and head back to Cancun during the sunset.


3.- Visit an archeological site

The Yucatan Peninsula has a lot of history, for it was home to one of the most rich and important ancient civilizations, the Mayans. Surrounded by mysticism and legends, the Mayans left a great archeological richness in the southeast region of Mexico, which can be contemplated any day of the year.

There are plenty of majestic Ancient Mayan Cities to discover during your vacations to Cancun, but there are three that can´t be missed, Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba.

Chichen Itza, one of the Modern Marvels of the World, is a place full of mysteries and myths. Its central temple, The Castle, dedicated to the god Kukulcan, otherwise known as The Feathered Serpent, is an impressive pyramid of 30 meters tall surrounded by other smaller but beautiful buildings dedicated to other gods.

The site is incredible and any tour guide can make your visit a lot more legendary by revealing some of the secrets that the Mayans left. 

Coba is three hours south from Cancun, and it’s the best archeological site you can visit if you love adventuring through exotic places. Trees as ancient as the Mayans guard this site where you can rent a bike to move freely and faster between buildings which are scattered all over the place. The main pyramid is called Nohoch Muul, a 42-meter tall temple from which you can watch over a vast horizon of jungle canopy, without a doubt, a mesmerizing view.

And last but not least, Tulum, The Walled City. This site was originally called Zama, which means sunrise, but the name was lost when explorers rediscovered the city. The most wonderful and unique thing about Tulum is its location, strategically thought by its founders as a vantage point to observe the incoming merchants that came from the sea, which also turned out to be the perfect place to watch the sunrise every morning.  Now, visitors from all over the world come to visit this archeological site that gives tourists the perfect setting for breathtaking pictures that will last a lifetime.


4.- Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

There is a saying from the locals, “If you come to Cancun and you don’t scuba dive, you only visited 10% of the destination”.

In front of Cancun stretches the world’s second largest coral reef barrier, which in other terms means, this is a wonderful destination to go underwater and discover a vast variety of submarine life forms. From fishes, to corals, we are sure you will loose count of the different shapes and colors your eyes will see.

To discover this natural treasures there are two options:

Snorkeling is a friendly way of being able to breathe underwater and it only requires an easy to find and use equipment consisting of a tube, a mask and a pair of fins. With that gear you are all set to wander on the surface with your eyes set on the sea bottom ready to catch any fish passing by. Coral reefs con also be found near the surface, specially in inlets that protect various species of fishes from the tides. 

The second option is Scuba Diving, which requires training and experience before getting to enjoy to its fullest, but it is totally worth it!
For this activity you will need a mask, an air tank, a pair of fins, a guide and a boat to go farther into the open waters.  Once there is only a matter of swimming close to the reef, where fishes, sea rays, turtles and mollusks live. Which kind of animals will you get to see? You will have to tell us once you’ve done it.


5.- Party hard at night

It is no secret that Cancun is one of the best places on earth to party. When the sun goes down and the beaches get empty, nightlife takes over with an unequaled atmosphere that sets everyone on a wild mood ready for anything. 

Shots, music, entertainment and people from all over the world join to set the night alight on any of the clubs close to Plaza Forum. Coco Bongo, Dady’O, Mandala, The City and a lot more open every night to make your vacations to Cancun one of the most wild you will ever remember.