Every time you travel to Cancun is as memorable as the first time.


This astonishing destination on the Mexican Caribbean is one of those places where every single thing, as common as it may seem, ends up being way beyond the extraordinary.

Either if you travel by yourself, with your couple or with the whole family, Cancun is always packed with new experiences that last a lifetime.

These are the 5 things that make us feel deeply inspired by Cancun.

1.- The Beach

Take a second to think about a typical Monday morning in your home town; now... think about a Monday morning chilling at the beach. Everything is experienced under another perspective while lying down on a beach towel, digging your toes into the refreshing sand letting the sun bath you under its tropical weather.  This is one of those few things in life that you can enjoy to its fullest every single time you get the chance to do it. Letting your mind rest, while concentrating on the soft rythm of the waves with your eyes closed, wearing nothing more than a bathing suit, sunglasses and a huge smile.

Relaxation means sheer luxury and being able to experience it here, surrounded by the blue and feeling this powdery sugar-like sand, contemplating the sky, falling in love with the sea and letting your thoughts dance with the palm trees, it’s just inspiring.


2.- The Ocean

For sure you have heard, read and talked about the sea of Cancun, one of the world’s most popular oceanfront destinations. If you haven’t, let us tell you why this waters are able to inspire on a daily basis to each and every one of those who get to pose their eyes above the soothing waves, so we promise to be brief on one simple explanation. Are you ready? One simple reason: Because of its stunning colors.

Just stepping out on the balcony of your hotel room is enough to leave you in awe, mesmerized by the thousand hues of blue that the ocean irradiates. Teal, aqua, turquoise, blue, deep blue, light blue, every kind of blue; it is an unimaginable beauty. 

But there is more to it than colors and shades, Cancun is one of the top destinations for people who love snorkeling and scuba diving. Stretching south all over to Central America, Cancun’s shoreline is protected by the second largest coral reef barrier in the world, resulting on a subaquatic world of infinite wonders. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it?


3.- The Mayan Culture

These lands have a lot of history. A place where Mayan Culture reached its magnificence; and today it can still be admired.  A few hours away from Cancun there are several archaeological sites to visit on a full day tour.

But beyond describing each one of them, we want to share with you the reason why you must visit at least one of these ancient cities.

For starters, a huge part about traveling is getting to know the culture of the country you visit; its roots, its history. Mexico is one of the main regions where pre-Hispanic cultures bloomed in The Americas. One of those cultures was The Mayan, which stretched all over Central America and The Yucatan Peninsula.

A culture known for its astrological knowledge, which can be seen on their calendars, inscriptions and incredible architecture. Mayans are also known for being the inventors of the value “Zero”, making their calculations a lot more precise.

Worshipers of nature and habitants of a land full of perils and scarcity which led them to adapt and build amazing cities. Today Mayans still inhabit this region, and their cultural legacy remains alive in the gastronomy, language and artisanal techniques of various products.


4.- Cenotes

One of the biggest challenges of settling on these lands is the water scarcity.  Unlike most regions, The Yucatan Peninsula has no rivers running on the surface of the jungle, instead, they run through an underground cavern system that supplies the whole region with pure water that is filtered by the jungle floor.

This underground cavern system is also a reason of one of the best-kept secrets of the jungle. The cenotes.

What is a cenote? We can quickly describe them as natural pools in the middle of the jungle that open up to the surface after thousands of years of erosion. Some cenotes are still covered by the jungle floor and remain as caverns with a water hole inside them. These mystical sites were considered to be sacred by the Mayans, for they were their only source of pure water.

Not many tourists get to visit these natural jewels, but for those few who enjoy a cenote experience leave the destination completely captivated for its exotic magnificence. So if you have the chance to live an adventure through the Mayan Jungle, be sure to visit a cenote where you can reconnect with nature and with your inner-self. Some have zip-lines, swings and jumping platforms for those thrill-seekers.


5.- The hotels

Stretching out between the Caribbean Sea and a beautiful lagoon, Cancun’s hotel zone is one of the top beach destinations around the world, not only for its undeniable beauty, but also for the level that different hotels have to offer.

Hotels in Cancun offer a world-class service level and amenities. Pools that spread all over the beach front, an exclusive nightlife ambience, gourmet restaurants featuring some of the most claimed Chefs of Mexico, luxurious spas and overwhelming accommodation.

If your idea of “amazing vacations” is fueled by the quality of your lodging, Cancun will hardly let you down.  There is a hotel for everyone in Cancun, from luxurious resorts, to bed and breakfast accommodation; from executive class, to all-inclusive hotels; from chic-glam moods, to a Hard Rock Hotel frenzy style. If what you are looking for are options, Cancun has them all.

Share with us your reasons about why Cancun is so inspiring, we will be eager to read them all.

Till' next time!