5 tips for an active vacation.


Going out on vacations is one of the best things to do in life. Regardless of where and how you travel schedules during your trips are usually tight, even if it is Spa at 9:00AM followed by Relaxing at the beach at 10:00AM. So where do you leave your workout during the holidays?

These are some tips of how to remain active during your vacations. 

1.- Running

The first and only thing you will need is to pack your tennis shoes. Once these bad boys are on your luggage there is no way of skipping the opportunity of taking a good jog through the beach.

If you are vacationing in the Caribbean, lets say, Cancun or Punta Cana, your best option is to wake up early and seize the sunrise hour. You won’t even need a watch to measure the minutes passing by.

Now, if you are vacationing in the Pacific, Puerto Vallarta, for example, then you better save your energy for a sunset running right before nighttime. This way you will get to appreciate the incredible oranges and purples in the sky while the sun sinks down the ocean.


2.- Walking and Hiking
When you travel there are so many places to go, wander and discover that walking is just part of it. So when going on vacations be ready to walk and try to do it as much as you can. If at your hotel there is a shuttle from your room to the lobby, forget about it and take a 5-minute stroll. 

Museums and archaeological sites are great places to walk while exercising not only your body, but also your cultural side. Parks are also great for walking, Xcaret for example, if you travel to Riviera Maya is an amazing place where you will spend most of your day walking up and down while you get to know about Mexican culture and biodiversity. 

If none of these ideas sound good enough for you, how about a shopping spree? What better way to walk than buying new clothes, maybe even a new pair of tennis. 


3.- Swim and scuba dive

When traveling to the Caribbean water is just about everywhere. From multiple pools at the resort to a dazzling ocean, everywhere you look there is a place where you can take a swim. 

If you are more fond of swimming in a pool there are some things you need to consider. First of all, your swimsuit, goggles and head cap. Without these three you will just get in the pool and chill. Getting in the mood is important to let your brain know this isn’t margarita time.  The other thing you will need is to wake up early.  Pools at the hotel start to get crowded at 9 AM, so better be there at 7.

Swimming at the sea is another great option, although you may need some prior experience to avoid any serious risk. If it’s the first time you try it, first get to speak with the lifeguard, they will give you every advice you need to know.


4.- Water Sports

If your destination is a tropical place with a beautiful ocean it is important to take advantage of it. Most resorts have available kayaks and paddle boards for rentals. So how about working those arms rowing above the waves?
There are more kinds of water sports such as boogie boarding, which is quite simple to try, or kite surfing which will require more time to learn.


5.- Sports

If you are an active person, then going to the pool or to the beach is a synonym of playing sports. Some of the best moments you can have with friends and family is a match of fun volleyball at the pool. All you need is two teams and a ball, not even a real net is needed.

If you are at the beach then there is a lot of things to play, from beach volleyball, to soccer. Trying to run on the sand will require some good condition. You can also grab a football and play some catch or a frisbee, you set the rules, the only thing that matters is having fun.