These are the best toy for a beach destination


Kids and vacations are one in the same. The truth is that you don’t need to spend lots of money in toys for the holidays for your children to have fun, they will find the way to enjoy the hotel and the pool and the beach any way but giving them tools to make their playtime even cooler is something that we parents love. 

So these are our top 5 toys to get before or during your next beach vacations. 

1.- Sand Bucket and Shovels

Lets start with an absolute classic, the good old sand castle building kit. There is no way a kid won’t spend hours playing at the beach imagining the greatest sand kingdom of the world, using his shovels and bucket to create the towers and walls of the castle. Cheap, simple and can be found just about everywhere, even at the hotel stores. 


2.- Color book and markers

Painting is one of the best ways to entertain a kid. No matter if you are on the plane, at a restaurant or just chilling at the suite, a color book may become yours and your kid’s best ally. Easy to pack and carry, a set of 5 color markers is enough to let their imagination on the loose and even paint memorable portraits of the family during the trip that you may want to keep as a souvenir. 


3.- A board game

There are plenty of iconic board games that you can play with the whole family on the poolside or at the beach. Some of them can be really fun and also help your kids develop certain abilities. Chinese Checkers, Scrabble, Jenga, Monopoly and UNO are some of our personal favorites. 


4.- A pool toy    

Pools at the resorts are the ultimate attraction for kids. They can spend hours diving, jumping, sliding and splashing, so the best you can do is pack a cool water toy for them to enjoy. There are plenty of options, from water guns and water blasters, to floating balls and toss the ring games. Toy stores are full of options.


5.- Action Figures, Hot Wheels and Dolls

Kids have a symbiotic relation with some toys, those that become their favorite companions every time they get home afterschool. So why not pack their favorite dolls and figures and let them become part of the family during the holiday vacations? Your kids will enjoy every minute of the trip with their best pals.