Giving back to our communities has always been a pillar of our company, and when we partnered up with our RCD Foundation and “Counting With A Friend,” an organization that helps children from marginalized communities in Playa del Carmen with limited resources and infrastructure, we were thrilled with the overwhelming response from our Legendary members wanting to help.

Building Brighter Futures was an event held on an early Tuesday morning during Legends of Paradise 2020, where Legendary members participated in light handy work at a nearby community. Not only were our members hands-on (literally) as they painted school desks, built lunch tables and a garden to grow food, but they also prepared and served breakfast, and packed lunches for the little ones. 

This project is single-handedly fueled by regular support from volunteers, as the school does not have the funds to employ teachers or workers.

We thank the Legendary Members for their time and support, and the RCD foundation for hosting this very special initiative.