Top 5 apps for your trips. 


When it comes to enjoying a vacation technology has become your best companion. Smart phones are great tools to help us enquire and maximize which the way we enjoy the destination, but we need to have the correct apps for a phone to come in handy. From sites with costumer reviews, to safe and fair taxis, mobile gadgets are necessary to make your next trip a Legendary vacation.

These are the top 5 apps to download before traveling. 


1.- Google Maps

We are sure you may have this one already on your phone, for it is necessary on a daily basis. Google Maps is the best app to take a glance where you are, what’s around you and how to get anywhere, walking, by bus or by car.

So lets imagine you are at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and you need to get to the closest drug store. You just need to open the app, type drug store or a specific place, store, restaurant, and Google will show you on a map the nearest results. Tap on the one you like the most and it will show the route to get there.

With this app there is no excuse to know the destination even before you take the plane. 


2.- Digital Camera App

Each of us have a different camera for our trips, but if you happen to own one with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then it is necessary to have the app to connect it with your phone. GoPro cameras for example have their own app, which will give you the opportunity to take superior photos and videos than your smart phone and the capability to send them to your mobile device so you can share them on the go on your favorite Social Media profile without the need of traveling with your computer.


3.- Trip Advisor and/or Foursquare

Word of mouth is great for travelers. It saves us the time and money to go somewhere where we will, must likely, live a bad experience. For that Trip Advisor and Foursquare are great. Both apps are loaded with customer reviews and qualifications of restaurants, stores, parks, malls and just about any place you can visit during a vacation.

So depending on your vacation lifestyle and the destination you can search for previews experiences of costumers like you to find out which are the best places to go party in Riviera Maya, the best malls to shop, the best activities on the destination and the best dishes on a specific restaurant.

This way your vacations con be smooth and without bitter surprises. 


4.- Weather App

On ancient times getting to forecast the climate was kind of a magical thing to do. Luckily nowadays all we need is an app. Weather on the Caribbean can be very erratic, going from a delightful sunny sky to pouring rain within minutes, and although it might be impossible to know the exact time of a black cloud, rainy days and storms can be foreseen, at least to take an umbrella with you, to reschedule an activity or just to know how much sunblock lotion you will need.


5.-  WorldMate
Ever thought of taking with you a personal assistant to your trips so you don’t forget anything? Well, now you can and it doesn’t require an extra bedroom.

This app organizes your full schedule, sending you notifications to remind you of your plans. It also keeps track of all your confirmation numbers for flight, pick up, hotel reservation and activities throughout your vacations.

In other words, you just enjoy the ride.


There are plenty of more useful apps out there. Maybe you would like to share your favorite ones with the community. Please leave your recommendations on a comment.

‘Till next time!