The Sound Of Your Stay® is our free music amenities program that helps connect guests to music in a unique and personal way. Whether you’re making the music or listening to it, you’re certain to have the music you need to make your stay memorable.

Room Service for Rock Stars picks.®

A cherry-red Fender Strat? A Reggie Hamilton Standard Jazz Bass®? This definitely ain’t your momma’s room service.

Hard Rock and Fender have teamed up to offer you one of the most rockin’ all-inclusive options out there: Select from a menu of 20 electric guitars and have one delivered right to your hotel door. Jam out using the provided in-room video lessons and a “set list” complete with recommended websites and apps to enhance your experience. We’ll even throw in a Fender Mustang Floor™ Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal and Amplifier, plus a pair of SOUL by Ludacris headphones to ensure maximum rock star status. Keep it all day, all night, at no extra cost to you (we just need your credit card to secure your reservation).

The Perfect Soundtrack for Your Stay tracks.®

Hard Rock knows that every great adventure requires the perfect playlist. That’s why we make sure to hook you up with the music you need to make your stay legendary.

Upon check in you’ll receive a code to download one of three 15-song playlists custom-curated by Fania for the ultimate musicophile. Jam along with some of your favorite classics and discover a few new artists on the brink of breaking through.

Stream the music anywhere on the property, then take it home with you so you can access the sounds of paradise whenever you want.